Alhaji Muhammadu Maishanu Yabo family has the highest number of Professors, PhD, MBBS and Graduates not only in Sokoto State, but in the entire 19 States of Northern Nigeria as one single family.

With the following academic records;

1. Dr Abubakar Maishanu

2. Dr. Sa’idu Maishanu

3. Prof. Hamza Maishanu

4. Prof. Isah Maishanu

5. Prof. Malami Maishanu

6. Dr. Halimatu Maishanu

7. Dr. Nuhu Maishanu

8. Dr. Hassan Maishanu

9. Dr Moyijo Sa’idu Maishanu

10. Dr Ahijo Abubakar Maishanu

11. Dr (Mrs) Balbasatu Hamza Maishanu

     (Cousin & Wife)

12. Dr. (Mrs) Amamatu Hamza

       Maishanu (Wife)

It is worth noting that their father His Royal Highenest Alhaji Muhammadu Maishanu Yabo, the late Sarkin kabbi Yabo, was an Accountant to the Sokoto Native Authority before his Coronation as Sarkin Kabbi Yabo in 1973 and he died in 1975, may Aljanna fiddausi be his final resting place, Amin.

Therefore, with the exception of Dr Abubakar Maishanu, who studied his MBBS in Russia from 70s, and his late Senior Sister Kulu Maishanu (Mrs Sen. Maishango Abubakar lll) who went to England to study as first pioneer london graduate Nurse Sister in the State, none of the other children who have attained the academic fiat entered Secondary School, when their father was a life.

Which means they all strive to pursuit their academic life under the care of their mothers as widows and who have not been to any formal conventional schools.  From 1975 the Maishanu family of about 30 pupils and infants left behind as ophans, struggles to pursue both Islamic and western education under their mothers care.

And most of them, who excel in western education are exceptionally excellent in Arabic and Islamic education, who have served as lecturers in foreign universities for many years and headed islamic institutions and departments in our Universities and institutions ie Prof Hamza Maishanu was Provost Shehu Shagari College of Education, Prof. Isah & Malami Maishanu are heads of department UDUS and Dr Sa’idu Maishanu is Director Sultan Maccido Institute for Qur’anic Studies, Sokoto.

In terms of professional career, two members of the family attained to management level rank before their demise, Late AIG Ibrahim Maishanu and Late Comptroller of Immigration Hamisu Maishanu. Politically Honourable Dahiru Maishanu was a Commissioner of Information in the State under Gov. Wamakko. Prof Isah was for  many years a lecturer at University in Pakistan, and Dr. Sa’idu was at University in Uganda.

As at today, Maishanu family produced over 30 graduates in different fields of endeavour and have held various positions in government, where they have always performed excellently well.

For example under Bafarawa Prof Hamza was Provost College of Education and contested for Senate in 2011, under Wamakko Hon. Dahiru Maishanu was an Adviser, later a Commissioner of Information and also contested for House of Representatives in 2015, while under Gov. Tambuwal administration Dr. Nuhu Maishanu is the current CMD of Specialist Hospital Sokoto and credibly doing a good job.

So, by and large Yabo local government is number one in terms of educational excellence and Moyijo family of Yabo remain the most influential political family in the State after the family of Shiekh Usman Danfodio, the family of the Sultan. And ever since Mayijo has been the first flag bearer of both Danfodio and Sultan Muhammadu Bello.

To be Continued

Attahiru Yusuf Yabo

29th August, 2017.

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