Eight; To what lies behind the magic number seven

One .

The arguments are mightily fun… unless the Ego gets hurt

Two ..

It is what, why and not who

And that means one never gets booed

Three …

The goal is the realization of a dream

The root of all knowledge we seek

And being critical in thinking

Four ….

We have seen revolutions and aftermath of war

We’ve recapped globalization V tradition and other in-depth discourse

Happiness, love, random, and we never got bored

Feminism, freedom, religion and science till the break of dawn

Five …..

Our identity is a hive

We rarely care about our size

It got tough with a divide

But human endeavour often gets tried

In the end, it is important to never lose the ultimate sight

Six ……

It often ends in a vile diss

Other times in laughter and a warm fuzzy bliss

Then we grew and decided to let people in

But it seems it’s still a closed circle niche

Maybe we could’ve done better indeed

But this interaction, I’d forever miss

Seven …….

What is the lucky number sleven

Okay maybe that was just for rhythm

I celebrate the fruition of “The group” liven

And the growth of ideas and a world view broaden

The quest of knowledge, that’s our slice of heaven

Our cocoon, our unapologetic safe haven

Where I spent cold nights with people that still have me marvelled

Eight ……..

The weight to say!

SAM, thank you for your push, your acquired taste in philosophy, your broaden thinking..

You can do better if you stop fighting everyone.

Let your light shine

Maulana Ishaq, thank you for being okay with being different, your curiosity and willingness to change your views.

You can do better if you stop oversimplifying. Learn to empathize.

Your presence has become a dominating one.

Liman, thank you for your flawless gait. And humility… and putting yourself out there to always learn… to improve.

You can do better to sometimes get out of your comfort zone.

You’ll be doing humanity a disservice if you renege on being a judge.

Ramos, thank you for being exotic… and baza kwanya… and arudhati roy… and all other good recommendations from your good taste

You can do better with more grounding in some sort of code.

I see you succeeding in anything you do.

Carter, thank you for being dad, and wit and sense of humour… you are an inspiration of setting one’s mind to achieve a goal

As a devout Muslim, you can do better by training yourself to be more disciplined

Gudee, thank you for friendship and lifelong lessons… numero uno. You have a way with the world, so go out there and conquer it

Be better.

Sadiq, thank you for your continuous sacrifice and bragging rights and a lifetime of friendship… and your grounding, calm, and guiding nature.

You’ll do better if you discard your binary view of the world. Exert yourself. I don’t see you trying anymore.

Ah! And don’t piss off anymore army people, I go leave una to take a beating.

Finally, Kimilola, thank you for love… your elegance and regal radiance. Thank you for our shared passion of tea. Thank you for being that one awesome thing. Retinol is yours, now and always.

You can do better by continuing with that reading culture. Explore. Discover. And chase those dreams.

The world is yours for the taking.

Written by Alamin Bugaje

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