This blog unlike most blogs was created so as to free youths from “the slavery of total dependence on government and private firms to provide them with jobs. To also create awareness of digital technology, thereby encouraging potential entrepreneurs with business ideas to actually start building their dreams and aspirations after reading my posts.

“The mission of my blog is to provide youths with beneficial information for youth empowerment and to be focused on financial independence. To also convey digital knowledge to my readers. Laughter and educative stuffs are welcomed.”

My name is Usman Aliyu Kakangi. It all started in Kaduna State, one of the most influential state in Northern Nigeria; where i was born and bred. I did all my schooling and spent most of my life here. After my secondary school education, I was able to discover my potential, and behold it was the use of computers then. Initially when i was in secondary school my dream was to be a chemical engineer but that changed totally after discovering how much passion I had for Computers, very inquisitive of the technology behind it. Since then, I’ve always had passion for anything ICT related. And today am grateful to the almighty for giving me the chance to become an IT personnel, which am still growing and I believe I’ll head to the top and discover my full potential. Am currently into digital marketing which comprises of social media marketing for companies, businesses and even private individuals seeking more awareness about what they do. Amongst other services I offer are web design, hosting, hardware and software maintenance for both Phones (Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry) and PCs, unlocking of usb modems and routers. My interests are traveling, community work, innovation, research, and helping others. I strongly believe i was born to impact on peoples lives. Looking to promote your business digitally? Then you are at the right place. you can connect with me right away. 

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